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STAR Services, Inc.


My first job in Social Services was as a part time weekend DSP in 1991 with CCP.  After graduation I also taught for 6 years but continued working in Social Services in MN with RSI in Duluth, Hiawatha Homes in Rochester and finally back to CCP and STAR in 1997 when moving to Minneapolis.  I have worked as a DSP (part time and later full time).  Then for two years I supervised 3 homes, later became a Program Director overseeing rule coordination for a dozen homes as well as being the VA investigator for all of CCP.  Then I moved to a Finance Director role for a number of years to clean up the books for one division, moved over to an HR Director role for a couple of years to reorganize and help build unity between Programming, Finance and HR. Finally I landed back in Finance and have been working remotely for now over 10 years.  During this time I have also taught a number of classes and have done frequent consulting from basics of billing, to the framework  and to a company budget.  I spent a dozen years the the ARRM PR Committee and the last 8 or so years on the Financial Resources Committee.