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Two major trends will shape the disability services sector for the next decade and beyond:

First, people with disabilities will live, play and work in more individualized and independent settings as part of a growing movement towards community-based supports. Second, demographic shifts will result in a growing divergence in the group of people who will be caregivers, and those who will need care. As a result, the cost of talent will increase significantly over the next decade.

The opportunity in these trends is to utilize technology solutions to supplement, and in some cases supplant, certain types of direct care and support that has traditionally been provided by people.

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This site not only collects tools and resources for implementing technology in one place, but will provide helpful information on how to use those resources, customized for those who need it most: providers, self-advocates and families, and lead agency staff. It will tell the story of providers and individuals who have worked together with lead agencies to successfully use technology to increase independence and maximize staff capabilities. It will be your go-to resource for utilizing technology in Minnesota.

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