Legislative Update: One Week Left

By Sara Grafstrom posted 5 days ago


This week marks the last week of the 2024 legislative session. The legislature must adjourn by Monday, May 20th, but they cannot pass bills on the last day of the session, so the real deadline is midnight on Sunday, May 19th.

Going into this week there is still a lot on the list of things to get done. The most high-profile items include a bonding bill and some solution for the Uber and Lyft issue. For ARRM members, we are still awaiting a final agreement between the House and Senate on the Human Services Appropriations Omnibus bill.

The Human Services conference committee met last Friday to walk through the bill and hear public testimony. ARRM submitted this letter for the committee’s review. We do not anticipate another public hearing of the committee until an agreement is reached.

Last week, the Conference Committee Report for the Human Services Policy Omnibus bill was published. We anticipate the House and Senate to pass the report early this week and send it to the Governor for his final approval. You can view the bill here. ARRM’s legislative language in the bill includes:

·       Lines 2.17- 3.1: City Licensing Exemption

·       Line 3.3- 5.28: 45-Day Meeting Language Changes

·       Line 5.30- 7.7: Designated Coordinator Qualification Changes

·       Line 7.9- 8.7: Designated Manager Qualification Changes

·       Line 8.31-8.32: Allows 16 and 17-year-olds to administer medication.

·       Line 16.16- 17.2: Creating a 30 business-day timeline for Lead Agencies to approve or deny assistive technology.

We will have a full rundown of the end of the legislative session next week, in the meantime, please reach out with any questions.

--Sara Grafstrom, Senior Director of State and Federal Policy