Final Day of the 2023 Legislative Session

By Sara Grafstrom posted 05-22-2023 07:13


Today marks the last day of the 2023 Legislative Session and while there are still a few outstanding items for the legislature to act on today. The Human Service bill, which contains most of the provisions that impact ARRM members, passed off the House and Senate floor last Friday.

In the coming days, ARRM staff will be working on compiling a complete analysis of the provisions contained within the bill and the impact they will have on people with disabilities and service providers. In the meantime, last Friday, ARRM CEO Sue Schettle sent out a quick rundown of some major successes to ARRM member organizational leadership that I wanted to re-share with everyone. READ MORE. 

Please reach out with any questions and thank you for everything you did this session to support ARRM's legislative efforts.

--Sara Grafstrom, Director of State and Federal Policy