Committee Targets Released, Second Deadline this Friday

By Sara Grafstrom posted 03-21-2023 17:29


As we move into second committee deadline, this last week and a half has seen a lot of action on ARRM’s legislative priorities and overall budget work at the Capitol.

On Wednesday, three of ARRM’s legislative priorities were heard in the Senate Human Service Committee. The following bills were heard and laid over for possible inclusion in the Human Service Omnibus bill:

  • SF 1015 (Best Life Alliance DWRS Rate Legislation)
  • SF 1009 (Integrated Community Supports service changes)
  • SF 654 (IHST Service Changes)

In the House, ARRM’s Workforce Recruitment and Retention grant language received its third hearing, being heard in the Workforce Development Policy and Finance Committee; the bill was laid over for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill.

On Monday of this week, the Governor’s budget proposal was heard in the Senate Human Service Committee with an amendment added to the bill that includes the Governor’s Supplemental budget recommendations. The amendment includes the following proposals:

  • Adjusts the date of the data used for the upcoming, proposed January 2024, changing the data from December 31, 2021 to March 2021
  • Proposes new language limiting the amount the Competitive Workforce Factor can increase to 4%
  • Establishes minimum thresholds of rates that must be used on Direct Support Professional compensation

The bill also includes three new proposals specific to acute care transitions, proposals include:

  • Establishing a temporary provider payment program for providers that take individuals transitioning out of an acute care setting with high needs.
  • Funding to establish an organizational endorsement system to increase statewide provider capacity and competency to serve and support people with complex needs
  • Case mix rate exceptions under the Elderly Waiver, while the disability waivers have rate exceptions available, Elderly Waiver rates are capped via the case mix system.  This proposal creates an exception process for Elderly Waiver rates.

ARRM submitted this testimony in response to the budget proposal. The bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Human Service Finance committee on Thursday where we have submitted the same testimony.

On Tuesday of this week joint budget targets between the House, Senate and Governor were released. The Human Service committee was given a budget target of $1.3 billion. You can find the full list of budget targets here. ARRM will continue to advocate to the chairs and all committee members to ensure that spending for waiver and ICF/DD services is a priority as Chair Hoffman and Chair Noor now put together omnibus packages within that target.

Looking ahead, the second committee deadline is Friday with the third deadline scheduled for Tuesday, April 4th. We anticipate omnibus spending bills to be released soon and will keep you updated as to what is included, or not included, and how you can advocate in support of ARRM’s legislative priorities.

Please reach out with any questions.

--Sara Grafstrom, Director of State and Federal Policy