Forward Annual Conference

Headshot of Chris Duffy

Chris Duffy

Goff Public

Bio: Chris Duffy is the Vice President of Public Relations at Goff Public, a communications agency in Saint Paul. His company provided communications support for ARRM and the Best Life Alliance in 2019 and 2020. Between journalism and public relations, media has been the focal point of Chris’s career for nearly 15 years. He started his career as a TV reporter in Wisconsin. In his current role, he applies his storytelling expertise to help his clients develop effective communications strategies – and his track record for story placement in the media is unmatched. In his free time, Chris enjoys running, golfing, spending time with his family, and serving on boards of directors for nonprofits he cares deeply about. 

Presentation: Engaging in a Divided Public | July 14, 2021 @ 12:45pm - 1:45pm

Headshot of Cindra Kamphoff

Cindra Kamphoff, PhD


Bio: Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D., CMPC, is an award-winning keynote speaker and executive coach for leaders, professional athletes, executives and championship teams. Her clients range from Verizon Wireless, Target, and Walmart to the Minnesota Vikings. She has provided mental training for the Minnesota Vikings for 4 years, working one-on-one with the players, and also works with USA Track and Field to help mental train their Olympians for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

She is the author of an Amazon bestseller, Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High Performance Edge and the corresponding workbook. Her work has appeared in New York Times, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and USA Today. She is the founder of the High Performance Mindset podcast which has over 1 million downloads and ranked in the top 100 podcasts where she interviews thought leaders about mindset.

Cindra believes that you can unlock new levels of potential when you train your mind to think powerfully and on purpose. As a result of her work, people tend to say they have more energy, more control of their inner dialogue and ultimately, perform at a higher level more consistently.

Headshot of Craig de Fasselle

Craig de Fasselle

Blitz Creative

Bio: Craig has helped providers increase their online applications for DSP jobs by over 300%. After a recent workshop, an HR Director reported that their agency increased hires with 11 new DSPs! He’s hosted a webinar for and been published multiple times by ANCOR. He’s also presented at conferences and webinars for provider associations in over 15 states. Craig is on a mission to transform 1,000 developmental disabilities providers by December 31, 2021, by teaching them how to attract and motivate people whose passion is helping others.


  • Increase DSP Job Applications| July 14, 2021 @ 10:30am - 11:30am
  • Employee-Centered Cultures Attract and Retain Staff | July 14, 2021 @ 12:45pm - 1:45pm
  • Break the DSP Turnover Cycle| July 14, 2021 @ 2:15pm - 3:15pm

Headshot of Emily Orr

Emily Orr

Reach for Resources Inc.

Bio: Emily has been working with Reach since October 2015. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Professional Psychology with her Master of Arts degree in counseling and is currently pursuing her license in therapeutic recreation. Emily has been supporting individuals with disabilities since 2006 in community and residential settings including as a DSP, as a PCA, as an APM, as well as being a small and large scale coordinator of recreation and wellness activities.

Presentation: Recreation Made Easy| July 14, 2021 @ 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Headshot of Jason Hunt

Jason A. Hunt

Eye Squared Leadership

Bio: Jason Hunt makes it easier for people to like and follow their leaders. He is the founder and CEO of Eye Squared Leadership and he has had the pleasure of working with companies large and small. Jason's first major leadership role was to run a branch of 100 church members in outer Siberia when he was 19. Since then, he has served in a number of leadership positions, including principal of a school. He has a master’s degree in leadership, is certified by the John Maxwell Leadership Institute, and is the author of The Other Side: 5 Rules for Leading with Influence. Jason lives in Owatonna, Minnesota with his wife and four kids.


  • Becoming a Person of Influence| July 14, 2021 @ 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • Lead from Where You Stand: How to succeed as a middle level manager| July 14, 2021 @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Leading vs. Managing: When to do what and why | July 14, 2021 @ 2:15pm - 3:15pm

Headshot of Lisa Negstad

Lisa Negstad

Negstad Consulting

Bio: Lisa Negstad consults with a diverse clientele of nonprofits, philanthropies, and government in leadership and organizational development. Believing anyone can be a leader, Lisa lives in two worlds: traditional hierarchies, where she helps managers excel in their role, and collective teams, where she helps groups think systemically and improve their shared leadership skills. Before starting her own consulting firm, Lisa held senior leadership and management positions in several international and U.S.-based nonprofit organizations. Lisa has an MBA from Yale University and a BA in psychology from Luther College and is certified as a Human Systems Dynamics professional. Lisa, an ongoing learner of cultural agility, brings a strong value of inclusion and participatory processes to her training.

Presentation: Resilience Building for Caregiving Professionals| July 14, 2021 @ 10:30am - 11:30am

Headshot of MORA

Mount Olivet Rolling Acres

Metro Crisis Coordination Program

Bio: Mount Olivet Rolling Acres (MORA) provides services for children, adults, and seniors with intellectual or developmental disabilities, behavioral health needs, or elderly-related cares. Our services include 34 Residential homes; In-Home Services; Adult Day Services; Therapeutic Recreation; Case Management; Training and Workshops. MORA’s specialized Metro Crisis Coordination Program (MCCP) facilitates preventative and crisis behavioral supports and planning services for children and adults with IDD and mental health needs, together with their families, in the 7-county Twin Cities metro.

Presentation: Resilience Building for Caregiving Professionals | July 14, 2021 @ 10:30am - 11:30am

Headshot of James Robilotta

James Robilotta

Keynote Speaker

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Joe Macbeth


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