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District Senator Representative (A side) Representative (B side)
1 Email Senator Mark Johnson Email Rep. John Burkel Email Rep. Deb Kiel
2 Email Senator-Elect Steve Green Email Rep. Matthew Grossell Email Rep. Matt Bliss
3 Email Senator-Elect Grant Hauschild Email Rep.-Elect Roger Skraba Email Rep.-Elect Natalie Zeleznikar
4 Email Senator-Elect Rob Kupec Email Rep. Heather Keeler Email Rep.-Elect Jim Joy
5 Email Senator Paul Utke Email Rep.-Elect Krista Knudsen Email Rep.-Elect Mike Wiener
6 Email Senator Justin Eichorn Email Rep.-Elect Ben Davis Email Rep. Josh Heintzeman
7 Email Senator-Elect Rob Farnsworth Email Rep. Spencer Igo Email Rep. Dave Lislegard
8 Email Senator Jennifer McEwen Email Rep. Liz Olson Email Rep.-Elect Alicia Kozlowski
9 Email Senator-Elect Jordan Rasmusson Email Rep. Jeff Backer Email Rep.-Elect Tom Murphy
10 Email Senator-Elect Nathan Wesenberg Email Rep. Ron Kresha Email Rep.-Elect Isaac Schultz
11 Email Senator Jason Rarick Email Rep.-Elect Jeff Dotseth Email Rep. Nathan Nelson
12 Email Senator Torrey Westrom Email Rep. Paul Anderson Email Rep. Mary Franson
13 Email Senator Jeff Howe Email Rep. Lisa Demuth Email Rep. Tim O’Driscoll
14 Email Senator Aric Putnam Email Rep.-Elect Bernie Perryman Email Rep. Dan Wolgamott
15 Email Senator Gary Dahms Email Rep. Chris Swedzinski Email Rep. Paul Torkelson
16 Email Senator Andrew Lang Email Rep. Dean Urdahl Email Rep. Dave Baker
17 Email Senator-Elect Glenn Gruenhagen Email Rep.-Elect Dawn Gillman Email Rep.-Elect Bobbie Harder
18 Email Senator Nick Frentz Email Rep.-Elect Jeff Brand Email Rep. Luke Frederick
19 Email Senator John Jasinski Email Rep. Brian Daniels Email Rep. John Petersburg
20 Email Senator-Elect Steve Drazkowski Email Rep.-Elect Pam Altendorf Email Rep.-Elect Steven Jacob
21 Email Senator Bill Weber Email Rep. Joe Schomacker Email Rep.-Elect Marj Fogelman
22 Email Senator Rich Draheim Email Rep. Bjorn Olson Email Rep. Brian Pfarr
23 Email Senator Gene Dornink Email Rep. Peggy Bennett Email Rep. Patricia Mueller
24 Email Senator Carla Nelson Email Rep. Duane Quam Email Rep. Tina Liebling
25 Email Senator-Elect Liz Boldon Email Rep.-Elect Kimberly C. Hicks Email Rep.-Elect Andy Smith
26 Email Senator Jeremy Miller Email Rep. Gene Pelowski, Jr. Email Rep. Greg Davids
27 Email Senator Andrew Mathews Email Rep. Shane Mekeland Email Rep. Kurt Daudt
28 Email Senator Mark Koran Email Rep. Brian Johnson Email Rep. Anne Neu Brindley
29 Email Senator Bruce Anderson Email Rep. Joe McDonald Email Rep. Marion O’Neill
30 Email Senator-Elect Eric Lucero Email Rep.-Elect Walter Hudson Email Rep. Paul Novotny
31 Email Senator-Elect Cal Bahr Email Rep.-Elect Harry Niska Email Rep. Peggy Scott
32 Email Senator-Elect Michael Kreun Email Rep. Nolan West Email Rep.-Elect Matt Norris
33 Email Senator Karin Housley Email Rep.-Elect Patti Anderson Email Rep.-Elect Josiah Hill
34 Email Senator John Hoffman Email Rep.-Elect Danny Nadeau Email Rep. Melissa Hortman
35 Email Senator Jim Abeler Email Rep. Zack Stephenson Email Rep.-Elect Jerry Newton
36 Email Senator-Elect Heather Gustafson Email Rep.-Elect Elliott Engen Email Rep.-Elect Brion Curran
37 Email Senator Warren Limmer Email Rep. Kristin Robbins Email Rep. Kristin Bahner
38 Email Senator-Elect Susan Pha Email Rep. Michael Nelson Email Rep. Samantha Vang
39 Email Senator Mary Kunesh Email Rep. Erin Koegel Email Rep. Sandra Feist
40 Email Senator John Marty Email Rep. Kelly Moller Email Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn
41 Email Senator-Elect Judy Seeberger Email Rep.-Elect Mark Wiens Email Rep.-Elect Shane Hudella
42 Email Senator-Elect Bonnie Westlin Email Rep.-Elect Ned Carroll Email Rep. Ginny Klevorn
43 Email Senator Ann Rest Email Rep. Cedrick Frazier Email Rep. Mike Freiberg
44 Email Senator-Elect Tou Xiong Email Rep. Peter Fischer Email Rep. Leon Lillie
45 Email Senator-Elect Kelly Morrison Email Rep.-Elect Andrew Myers Email Rep. Patty Acomb
46 Email Senator Ron Latz Email Rep.-Elect Larry Kraft Email Rep. Cheryl Youakim
47 Email Senator-Elect Nicole Mitchell Email Rep.-Elect Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger Email Rep.-Elect Ethan Cha
48 Email Senator Julia Coleman Email Rep. Jim Nash Email Rep.-Elect Lucy Rehm
49 Email Senator Steve Cwodzinski Email Rep. Laurie Pryor Email Rep. Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn
50 Email Senator-Elect Alice Mann Email Rep. Heather Edelson Email Rep. Steve Elkins
51 Email Senator Melissa Wiklund Email Rep. Michael Howard Email Rep.-Elect Nathan Coulter
52 Email Senator Jim Carlson Email Rep. Liz Reyer Email Rep. Ruth Richardson
53 Email Senator Matt Klein Email Rep.-Elect Mary Frances Clardy Email Rep. Rick Hansen
54 Email Senator Eric Pratt Email Rep.-Elect Brad Tabke Email Rep.-Elect Ben Bakeberg
55 Email Senator Lindsey Port Email Rep. Jess Hanson Email Rep. Kaela Berg
56 Email Senator-Elect Erin Maye Quade Email Rep. Robert Bierman Email Rep. John Huot
57 Email Senator Zach Duckworth Email Rep. Jon Koznick Email Rep.-Elect Jeff Witte
58 Email Senator-Elect Bill Lieske Email Rep.-Elect Kristi Pursell Email Rep. Pat Garofalo
59 Email Senator Bobby Joe Champion Email Rep. Fue Lee Email Rep. Esther Agbaje
60 Email Senator Kari Dziedzic Email Rep. Sydney Jordan Email Rep. Mohamud Noor
61 Email Senator Scott Dibble Email Rep. Frank Hornstein Email Rep. Jamie Long
62 Email Senator Omar Fateh Email Rep. Aisha Gomez Email Rep. Hodan Hassan
63 Email Senator-Elect Zaynab Mohamed Email Rep.-Elect Samantha Sencer-Mura Email Rep. Emma Greenman
64 Email Senator Erin Murphy Email Rep. Kaohly Vang Her Email Rep. Dave Pinto
65 Email Senator Sandy Pappas Email Rep.-Elect Samakab Hussein Email Rep.-Elect María Isa Pérez-Vega
66 Email Senator-Elect Clare Oumon Verbeten Email Rep.-Elect Leigh Finke Email Rep. Athena Hollins
67 Email Senator Foung Hawj Email Rep.-Elect Liz Lee Email Rep. Jay Xiong