Annual Conference


June 6 - 7 | Mystic Lake Casino | Prior Lake, MN



The ARRM Annual Conference has more than 30 educational sessions broken out over both days of the conference. Addressing a wide range of topics, sessions also have content specifically geared to specific job functions. DSPs, Frontline and Middle Managers, and Upper Management will all find sessions relating to the issues they take on every day.

Sessions with content for DSPs are marked as "DSP" | Sessions with content for managers are marked "MAN" | Sessions with content for upper management are marked "UPR"

*Breakout sessions are still being added to the agenda. Final speakers and scheduling for morning and afternoon sessions will be released in April.*

Sessions & Speakers

Session: “Alexa, I want more independence.” (UPR)
Presenter: Kristen Suttles, Marketing Director, SimplyHome LLC | Mathew Hansen, MN SimplyHome Representative
Description: Converting information generated by technology into useful information for individuals and their caregivers is the service model of the 21st century. In its use, a person can be supported in their quest for maximum choice. With the creation of products like the Echo Show and Google Home, anyone can purchase technology off the shelf that makes a home "smarter." As people with disabilities transition into the community, however, they require more sophisticated technological systems designed to meet their priorities and needs. Pairing today’s mainstream products with customized technology systems creates an innovative form of natural support for those desiring independence at home.

Session: Balancing Risk & Opportunity When Providing Licensed Services (DSP, MAN)
Presenter: Jill Slaikeu & Jodi Haus, DHS-Licensing | Scott Schifsky, DHS Disability Services Division
Description: Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245D licensing standards for service planning and delivery are person-centered and allow persons receiving services to experience the dignity of risk that is allowed to all valued community members. This presentation will provide an overview of how Chapter 245D licensing standards provide a foundation for person-centered planning and service delivery. Emphasis and examples will be provided about how to promote and allow a balance between risk and opportunity for persons receiving licensed services.

Session: Can you believe it? You can be the stand out gift to us. (All)
Presenters: Matteo Musso & Annette Musso, Creative Autism Solutions Team
Description: Matteo Musso is a 14 year-old young man with autism. He communicates through his letter board, expressing himself beautifully, one letter at a time. "My talk will focus on beliefs and how powerful they are to the people being served. Once in a while a special therapist or facilitator emerges and all families want that person to be the helper to their loved one. Let's strive to understand the components of that special one. So the awareness spreads to all of those who are working with our special population. Individuals can have the recipe to become that most revered among helpers, then choose to blend in or stand out."

Session: The Power of the Press: How One Photo Journalist Shined the Light on the Work of DSPs (All)
Presenters: Julie Manworren, Rod Carlson & Beth Tollefson, Living Well Disability Services with Evan Frost, Reporter
Description: We were given a unique opportunity to go all in and raise public awareness of the valuable work provided by Direct Support Professionals and highlight the inner workings of Minnesota’s disability services group homes when a reporter stepped forward with a passion to share the experience. After spending two weeks observing caregivers improve the lives of not only residents, but also their loved ones, he produced a multi-media story that became one of MPR’s ‘Most Memorable Stories in 2017.

Session: Employees + Social Media: Your 'All In' Strategy for Recruitment (MAN, UPR, HR)
Presenters: Kirsten Jensen, Next Action Digital | Anna Larson, CCRI, Inc.
Description: On average, your employees have 10 times as many connections on social media as your organization. That means an exponential number of people are just one degree away from learning about what you do -- and the missing links are your employees! If you're still tightly managing who can share your organization's story in social media, you're missing out on big opportunities to reach new audiences -- with posts from someone that they trust and care about. Join us to learn more about the power of employee advocacy, a strategy that empowers your employees to share their unique perspective in social media.

Session: How a providers input can be a valued contribution to a person’s assessment process (All)
Presenter: Raukiya Smith, Amy Alexander & Beth Siewert, MN Department of Human Services (DHS)
Description: Service providers are important to the assessment process and their input is valued. During this session, participants will learn how a provider of service can contribute to the MnCHOICES assessment process.

Session: How to create a full house-recruiting and retention of staff (All)
Presenter: Christine Latzke, Training Specialist, Lutheran Social Service
Description: How to become a leader in the industry, using creative techniques for daily interactions in the workplace. Creating the most comfortable setting for persons supported, as well as everyone that is involved in the support team.

Session: Life Sharing: A new good life for people with disabilities (All)
Presenter: Scott Schifsky, Person-centered/Positive Supports Coord., DHS | Matt Knutson, DHS
Description: The Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN-DHS) is designing new Life Sharing supports for interested people with disabilities and non-related families in Minnesota. After federal approval is obtained, Life Sharing will make it possible for a person with a disability to live with a non-related family and share experiences. It communicates mutuality: a real community life, not a service life, is the expectation. For decades, Life Sharing has been available in a variety of states and has proven to be a desirable option for people who seek alternatives to congregate care. This session will describe Minnesota’s vision for Life Sharing and what it is and what it is not.

Session: Mitigating Privacy and Security Risks of Advanced Technology in Caregiving (UPR)
Presenter: Katherine Ilten, Fredrikson & Byron
Description: Using technology to improve care to persons served brings business opportunities . . . and potential legal risk. We will explain how advanced technology in the community-based services industry implicates HIPAA, state and federal data privacy laws, and cybersecurity laws. This session will give practical tips about how to protect the privacy and security of client information, right down to the exact documentation and processes you should have in place to protect your organization in the event of a data breach and/or when a state or federal agency comes to the door.

Session: My Success Plan! (All)
Presenter: Stacy Roe, Vice President of Services, Mains'l Services, Inc.
Description: Is there something that you want to change, do better, or finish already? Would you like to leave the conference with a plan for achieving something that is important to you? In this working session you will learn some key aspects of developing and implementing successful changes and be guided through a process to create your own individual success plan! Paper plan forms will be provided. If you want to capture your plan electronically, please bring your own laptop or tablet.

Session: Navigating Person-Centered Change: Moving From a Service Life to a Community Life (All)
Presenter: Sue Canty, Navigator, Mains'l Services, Inc. | Jennie Stamm, Mains'l Services
Description: What more is possible for people when we embrace new ways of thinking and acting, and then apply what we learn to the structures and practices of our organizations and systems? This Interactive session will focus on embracing a change in order to help people move from a service life to a community life, and the importance of having allies and making and honoring commitments on the journey. Participants will complete a Self-Assessment tool to look at where they are, where they wish to go, and what support is needed to get there. Learners will leave with easy-to-use tools to make meaningful changes in a person's life.

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