ARRM Cares Award

Nominating and Winner Criteria

Nominations for the 2017 ARRM Cares Award are now closed.

Nominating Criteria

All award decisions are based on the criteria noted below. All nominations are printed for event attendees and may be shared publicly by ARRM. Please ensure that submissions are professionally written and do not include confidential information. Nominations are subject to editing by the selection committee for length, consistency, clarity, and grammar.

Employees eligible for nomination meet the following criteria:

  • An agency must be an ARRM Member to submit a nomination
  • Staff must do direct care for at least 75 % of their total job
  • Each agency may nominate up to 2 % of their direct support professionals
  • One nominee per form – no group nominations (i.e., please don't nominate an entire program site)
  • Five hundred (500) word limit – additional words will be edited prior to consideration

Award Criteria

In order to assist the Selection Committee in choosing several outstanding nominees for the ARRM Cares Award, please describe specific examples of how the nominee has impacted the day-to-day quality of a person’s life or a significant event that has enhanced a person’s life.

Nominations should demonstrate the following:

  • Professional Integrity:  supporting persons served while maintaining professionally appropriate boundaries, maintaining high standards to benefit persons served, co-workers, and the organization
  • Networking Supports: advocating to connect persons served with natural support systems
  • Creating Innovative, Person Centered Approaches to Services: personalizing services, demonstrating an ability to develop and implement new approaches and sharing successful results


All nominations must be submitted using the online form. The nomination period is now closed. The nomination period is typically opened around the beginning of the year.

Please note: photos of all nominees will be included in a video shown at the ARRM Cares Award Event and printed in a conference booklet, so please sent a high quality photo that shows the nominee in their best light.

For more information:
Nancy Peterson, 
Director of Member Services
651-291-1086, ext. 2