Disability Services Day at the Capitol: Hosted by ARRM and MOHR

The ARRM/MOHR Day at the Capitol is now Disability Services Day at the Capitol! This is an annual day of advocacy where more than 1,000 direct care staff, managers, family members and people who receive home and community-based services rally together at the Minnesota State Capitol to make their voices heard. Attendees come from all over the state in buses and vans to make sure that legislators hear their voices and know their issues. In addition to a large rally, ARRM organizes meetings between legislators and their constituents throughout the day, and if the day coincides with a hearing of important legislation, attendees show up in strength. It is an important day that ARRM, its members, legislators, and everyone who attends looks forward to.

2020 Day at the Capitol - Tuesday, March 10th

Join us on Tuesday, March 10th for Disability Services Day at the Capitol: Hosted by ARRM and MOHR and share with your legislators how the services your provide support people with disabilities to maximize their abilities and achieve opportunities, allowing them to live their best life possible.

ARRM Day at the Capitol 2017 Advocates and Signs

Listen to a recording  of our Day at the Capitol Prep Call with Rep. Hunter Cantrell

Rally in the Capitol Rotunda at 10:00 AM

Join staff, self-advocates, families and legislative champions from across the state for a rally in the Capitol Rotunda at 10:00 am. Bring your organization's banner to hold over the second floor balcony, hand-made signs celebrating DSPs and showing your support for prioritizing services to people with disabilities.

Make sure to wear your ARRM blue!


Room 500S of the State Office Building has been reserved for the entire day. Please feel free to use this room as a stopping point in-between legislative meetings, a place to pick up extra packets or buttons or eat your lunch. An ARRM staff person will be in the room beginning at 8:30 a.m. through the end of the day.

2019 Day at the Capitol Sponsors

Sponsors make this incredible day of advocacy possible. Get involved and contribute - learn more.







Contact for more information

Madeleine Lerner
Grassroots Organizer

Snacks graciously provided this year by

stop by the ARRM room to say thank you!

Download the ARRM Events App for all the information and resources for Disability Services Day at the Capitol in your pocket!


Resources and Messaging

ARRM has created many tools to assist you in meeting with and sharing your story with your legislators.

The most important thing to remember when attending our Day at the Capitol is that you do not need to be an expert on any particular piece of legislation. You are an expert on our most valuable and important message, your personal story. Visit the "Telling your Story" section of our Advocacy Arsenal and download our One-Pagers for Staff, Self-Advocates and Family members. Prepare two stories, one for your Representative and one for your Senate member. These stories will give you something to talk off of during your meeting, assist you in sharing your story, and provide a great leave behind for your legislator!

Download ARRM's Legislative Agenda. You don't need to be an expert on the bills ARRM is advocating for in 2020, simply download ARRM's Legislative Agenda and let your legislator know that your Trade Association is advocating for legislation that supports long-term sustainability for the disability community that helps staff and the people they support to be successful.

Before you head to the Capitol, check out ARRM's "Visiting the Capitol" section of our Advocacy Arsenal for tips on parking and where to eat.

Download the ARRM App. The app will contain full details on all legislative appointments for the day, will send out notifications in case a meeting time is changed and gives you important information about your trip to the Capitol.

2020 Button Contest

For this year's theme, we're looking to the future. What do you see in the future of services?

We are now accepting artwork from self-advocates! You can submit your design by using this button template. All submissions are due on Monday, February 3. We can't wait to see what you create!

For some inspiration, check out our winning buttons from 2019. Read more on ARRM's blog.

Registration/Legislative Appointment Scheduling

As a member benefit ARRM will organize meetings with legislators. Simply fill out this registration form by Monday, February 17th. Please note, you must indicate the name, home address and legislative district of the person requesting the appointment. One appointment will be set up per legislator.

*A final schedule, of all appointment times, will be emailed out on Tuesday, March 3rd. Appointment times will also be loaded into the ARRM Events App prior to March 10th.*