ARRM Technology Position Paper

In 2014 ARRM's Service Innovations Committee developed ARRM's Position Paper on Technology and Disability Services.  This vision for the future outlines ways that technology can be used to improve disability services and make them more person-centered, address workforce issues, and reduce costs.  The paper was presented to the Minnesota Department of Human Services in the summer of 2014.

ARRM's Technology Position Paper includes a 'Resolution for a Person-Centered Approach to the Use of Technology in Disability Services'.  It also offers a compilation of real-life of examples that illustrate how providers in Minnesota are currently utilizing technology.

Read ARRM's Technology Position Paper

To learn more about how technology can improve the lives of people with disabilities and be used by providers at ARRM's Technology Conference and Showcase on November 15, 2016.  View details from the 2015 Technology Conference.

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