Mission and Strategic Direction

Mission Statement

The mission of ARRM is to advocate for, inform and support Minnesota organizations serving people in the disability and the mental health communities.

Who We Are

ARRM is a member organization of service providers who offer residential and/or program services to people.  ARRM provides its members with.

  • Access to critical industry information that can guide members through changes.
  • Reduced rates and member-only trainings to meet the needs of member staff.
  • Advocacy with policy makers as they are in the process of making decision.
  • Opportunities to network and connect with peers and mentors to foster professional development.

What We Know/Value

ARRM members know that by coming together we can better shape the future service models for the people we serve and create sustainability for our organizations.  We Value:

  • Our broad range of members in their important work and innovative services.
  • What is good for people served is good for the service providers and to vital to ARRM.
  • Coalitions and partnerships enhance effective service systems.
  • Sharing a broad base of ideas and knowledge empower our members and stakeholders.
  • Evidence-based analysis influences industry leaders, public policy makers and the community.
  • Planning for and proactively shaping the future.

What is our Roadmap?

In order to achieve our mission it is important for ARRM to offer the following to its members.

  • Public Policy: keep members involved and active in creating the future.
  • Education and Information Sharing:  support members to be knowledgeable of best practices and effective in their operations.
  • Leadership Development: influence and engage future leaders of member organizations.
  • Workforce :  promote the professional development of member organizations' workforce
  • Alliances use partnerships and collaboration to strengthen ARRM and its member organizations.
  • Member Opportunities and Challenges:  serve as a resource, convener, coordinator and catalyst to address the most important issues facing ARRM members.

Our Goals, Strategies and Milestones

Recognizing that the challenges and opportunities in today's world come at an increasingly fast pace, ARRM has created this strategic framework that is a living document that will be used regularly in making decisions about the future.  It is a flexible tool to address new opportunities and challenges.  ARRM needs to be nimble in responding to the broad environment and to this end, the ARRM Board of Directors will monitor progress and make changes as needed.  These goals, strategies and milestones offer direction and context for ARRM staff and volunteers to make thoughtful and informed decisions.

Goal #1:  Create and advance a successful future for services and providers considering workforce demographics, sustainable funding, technology and Olmsted implementation.

  • Our Strategy
    • Develop a vision for the future of services
    • Prepare plans to resolve the critical issues to achieve the vision of services and providers related to workforce, funding, technology and Olmsted implementation and
    • Advocate for implementation of these plans through legislation and regulation with policy makers.
    • Our broad range of members in their important work and innovative services.
  • Our Milestones
    • Establish a "Big Picture" vision for the future of services and providers and specify the critical changes necessary to achieving it (e.g., natural supports, technology, leadership)
    • Complete the work for the Workforce Solutions Committee with a recommendation to the ARRM Board 
    • Partner with common interest groups to address the sustainability needs of providers
    • Develop and implement an information and messaging plan to inform key policy makers of the Big Picture vision and future sustainable services to address needed changes.

Goal #2:  Prepare and promote workforce strategies so that staff capacity and skills can meet the needs of the people served.

  • Our Strategy
    • Change community perception of our members' workforce
    • Promote the industry and jobs to position careers in the field as valued and satisfying
    • Build the skills of individuals just starting out
  • Our Milestones
    • Develop a workforce strategies plan to include messaging, marketing and skill building
    • Implement messaging program portion of the plan.
    • Implement skill building program.
    • Implement marketing program.

Goal #3:  Address the leadership, information and support needs of ARRM members, policy makers and the community.  

  • Our Strategy
    • Design and implement a structured data system that will capture, compile and provide information service information when needed.
    • Create a platform for ARRM members to access resources, trainings and supports for operating sustainable businesses and for communicating with stakeholders, policy makers and the community.
    • Develop a comprehensive leadership development program for both ARRM and its members.
  • Our Milestones
    • Identify partners for, secure funding for, and design and implement the key elements and parameters of a data reporting system.
    • Redesign the ARRM website to better support ARRM's programming and information sharing.
    • Establish a future leaders program that addresses the needs of future leaders in the field and fosters diversity
    • Prepare a succession and development plan for ARRM board leadership.

Approved July 2018  



    Disability advocate, ARRM Day at the Capitol