DSP Recognition Week 2019 Toolkit

September 8 - September 14

#SeeOurDSPs Video

ARRM is putting together videos for DSP Recognition Week which showcase the work and impact of Minnesota's DSPs. But the footage for the video will come from you!

We need 10-second or less video clips from a few different perspectives which we will edit together to make a fun but educational videos to share over DSP Recognition Week and beyond, all under the headline "See Our DSPs".

How to do it

1. Take your smart phone or other filming device and find a friend or co-worker, a selfi stick, or just long arms

2. Find a nice spot to film where there's not too much background noise around you

3. Hit 'record', look into the camera and follow the below script and fill in the blank (take a clear pause before you fill in each blank:

  • "One word to describe who DSPs are is_____________." 
  • "One job DSPs do for people is________________."
  • "One word to describe what DSPs provide to Minnesotans with disabilities is________________."

4. Stop recording, you're done!

Once recorded, go to www.wetransfer.com to send your video to dhenry@arrm.org. In your message, please include the following information: your name, your relation to the direct support services world, and state that you approve ARRM to use your video clip for its DSP Recognition Week publications.

You can join us at your organization for DSP Week and produce your own short videos using the same concept.

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Sponsor DSP Recognition Week giveaways

"Best Life Pro" Beanies

DSPs are professionals at supporting people to live their best lives, so let's put it on a hat. "Best Life Pro" beanies keep DSPs heads warm and help tell the world what it is they do.

Support our goal of distributing 1,000 Best Life Pro beanies to DSPs across Minnesota. Every $25 of sponsorship supports getting four hats to DSPs. Contact ARRM to sponsor.


Template DSP Recognition Week Proclamation for local governments

Help ARRM have cities around Minnesota declare September 8 - 14 DSP Recognition Week and spread awareness with local elected officials and communities about the dedication of Direct Support Professionals and the critically important work they do each day.

Download the DSP Recognition Week Proclamation Template

See if someone has already committed to submitting a proclamation request to your city



Use the following to amplify your own DSP Recognition Week activities and join the statewide and nationwide effort to thank and support Direct Support Professionals.

Promote the week

Help ARRM spread the word about the event far and wide. Click here to share the Facebook event with your followers.


All DSP Recognition Week, use #DSPRW2019 and #SeeOurDSPs. Also, include #MN to make it easier for ARRM and other Minnesota supports to find and re-share your posts.