Learning About the Candidates

By ARRM Admin posted 09-02-2020 23:00


Hello there, Grassroots Organizer Madeleine Lerner here with all you need to know about voting in 2020! Each month, from May until November, I will be writing about a different aspect of voting. To read last month's blog, click here. If you have further inquiries, please reach out to me via email or visit the Minnesota Secretary of State's website.

What's on my ballot? See your ballot and find out more about the candidates!
Graphic from MN Secretary of State

Learning About Candidates

*First and foremost, no one can tell you who to vote for. Selecting and voting for your candidate is a private matter. It is up to you alone to share the information if you so choose.

Before you vote, learn about the candidates running in your area.

  • For Minnesota, all candidate filings are listed on the Secretary of State's website. Candidates running for State and Federal Offices, Judicial Offices, State Senate Offices, and State Representative Offices can be found here.
  • You can learn more about candidates by visiting their website and reviewing the listed priorities.
  • Do you have questions about who will be on your ballot? View your sample ballot by visiting the Secretary of State's website!

Meeting Candidates

Right now, with COVID-19, it's not easy to interact with candidates running for local offices. Candidate forums, town halls, and other public events are being held less frequently. However, if you do plan to attend an upcoming event, come prepared!

  • Review a candidate's priorities and determine if they fall in line with your own.
  • Bring a one-pager with your issues to distribute to the candidates.
  • Draft questions related to your areas of concern and be prepared to ask the candidates your questions.

Upcoming Events

As mentioned previously, there aren't nearly as many candidate events being held as there have been in past years. That's why ARRM and MOHR are teaming up to bring you six candidate forums! Here are the details: 

District 14 Candidate Forum
September 18 at 10am; Click here to register

District 7 Candidate Forum
September 25 at 10am; Click here to register

District 23 Candidate Forum
October 2 at 10am, Click here to register

District 25 Candidate Forum
October 9 at 10am; Click here to register

District 44 Candidate Forum
October 16 at 10am; Click here to register

District 56 Candidate Forum
October 23 at 10am; Click here to register

These forums are a great opportunity to interact with candidates and ask your burning questions. We hope to see you virtually over the next few months!