Competitive workforce factor

   In 2019, Minnesota passed legislation creating a new Competitive Workforce Factor in its Disability Waiver Rate System. While this will increase disability waiver service rates overall starting in 2020, to accurately forecast the total impact organizations must calculate the new factor into each individual service agreement and create a distribution plan to be available and accessible to direct care staff.  
  4.7% rate increase to direct staffing costs per individual rate  



 Coupled with the end of rate banding, your organization might be looking at a complex set of rate impacts for the majority of the people you support, which may or may not result in a net increase in revenue.

Have you calculated the separate and cumulative impact of those changes?
Do you know how they will affect each individual's rate?
Are you able to begin planning for wage increases to your direct support staff?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, ARRM may be able to help.

  No or Low-Cost Resources  

 For an overview and generic tools for incorporating the Competitive Workforce Factor into your rate forecasting, visit ARRM's Training Archive , where you'll find a recording of our webinar on the topic and basic worksheets for download. 

These resources are free for all ARRM Members, and can be accessed for $100 by non-ARRM member organizations.

   Customized Consultations  
   If your organization needs additional assistance, ARRM has a unique consultation service for home and community-based organizations seeking support on key issues like the Competitive Workforce Factor and distribution plan. Senior ARRM staff work directly with your organization to provide the customized tools and training to ensure your team can plan for the full impact of these rate changes. This includes a multi-hour on-site training session on everything from DWRS 101 to walkthroughs of the modeling tools.  

 What you receive

  • Direct pre-consultation with senior ARRM staff to review the frameworks your organization uses and the level of training sought for your staff
  • Customized on-site training for your organization on a full scope of rate setting issues
  • Customized walkthroughs of rate setting worksheets for your staff using real examples
  • **By request, ARRM staff can create customized forecasting spreadsheets composed of each of the rates you manage for a turnkey forecasting solution. Additonal fees based on size of group being analyzed**



 Basic Consultation

ARRM Members Rate

Customized Forecasting Spreadsheets

1-14 - Included| 15-24 - $250 | 25-50 - $500 | 51-100 - $1,000 | 101-199 - $1,500 | 200+ - $2,000

   For more information and to secure a consultation from ARRM, contact Ken Bence today.