ARRM Leadership Conference

The ARRM Leadership Conference brings together the leaders of ARRM member organizations for a three-day working conference to address key issues of the day for our industry. Attendees learn from state and national experts, hear updates on policy and regulations from ARRM staff as well as state and federal officials, and engage with peers to support the implementation of best practices across all our organizations.

2017 Conference: Celebrating Our Past, Owning Our Future

This year’s Leadership Conference hosted more than 220 current and future leaders of Minnesota’s disability services industry to build a vision for the future that not only sustains the support system for people with disabilities, but propels it to reach new heights.

Left, man with disabilities in home circa 1980, right, in home services today
From the first community-based services in the 1970's and 80's, to today's person-centered care, ARRM members have been leading the way for nearly four decades.

2017 Conference Highlights

This year’s conference was packed with both educational content and opportunities for members to directly shape the strategic focus of ARRM, not to mention the incredible environment beautiful Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge provides.

Timely Education

ARRM's Barb Turner held the first ever pre-conference session with the latest training on DWRS and the Attestation Process with ARRM’s Barb Turner. During the first day of the conference, state and national representatives gave a look back on the most recent policy landscapes, while later advocates prep members for what people with disabilities are seeking in the coming years.

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Member-Supported, Member-Guided

Throughout the conference, attendees expressed how what they heard their vision for the future and tell ARRM what is most helpful to them going forward. ARRM received more than 500 individual pieces of insight and feedback that will drive 2018 committee work and strategic planning for the organization.

Registration Details

Thank you to all who attended the 2017 ARRM Leadership Conference. Save the date for 2018's conference, September 26 - 28, held again at the picturesque Ruttger's Resort on Bay Lake.


Thank you to our generous sponsors for the 2017 Leadership Conference! Learn more about each sponsor and connect with them at the conference.