DSP Recognition Week 2018 Toolkit

September 9 - September 15

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Schedule of Activities

Monday, Sept. 10 - Proclamation Day

ARRM, its members, and other organizations supporting DSPs across the state are asking Governor Mark Dayton and city mayors to proclaim "DSP Recognition Week". On Monday, organizations will host events to announce and celebrate all the proclamations alongside their DSPs and local officials.

Tuesday, Sept. 11 - Meet a DSP

Introduce Minnesotans to the job and the people who serve as DSPs in your organization. Share a story or two, maybe a video, that showcases the skilled and diverse work of DSPs and who works in the profession.

Wednesday, Sept. 12 - Celebrating Excellence

Recognize the outstanding DSPs you work with or know, those who set the bar and showcase the values, skills and accomplishment of the profession.

Thursday, Sept. 13 - Send a video Thank You

Post a video to your favorite social media profile saying thank you to the DSPs in your world. Ask influential people you know to post their own videos.

Friday, Sept. 14 - #DSPsMatter

Our community will share why DSPs matter, on a personal level, to your community, or to Minnesota. Highlight how the work of DSPs enriches lives while also bringing tremendous benefit and value to communities and the state.


Template DSP Recognition Week Proclamation for local governments

Help ARRM have cities around Minnesota declare September 9 - 15 DSP Recognition Week and spread awareness with local elected officials and communities about the dedication of Direct Support Professionals and the critically important work they do each day.

Download the DSP Recognition Week Proclamation Template

See if someone has already committed to submitting a proclamation request to your city

Social Media Tools

Facebook profile picture image: download

Facebook photo frame: Search for the "ARRM DSP Recognition Week 2018" frame to add a fun promo to any Facebook photo or profile pic



Use the following to amplify your own DSP Recognition Week activities and join the statewide and nationwide effort to thank and support Direct Support Professionals.

Promote the week

Help ARRM spread the word about the event far and wide. Click here to share the Facebook event with your followers.


All DSP Recognition Week, use #DSPRW2018. Also, include #MN to make it easier for ARRM and other Minnesota supports to find and re-share your posts.

On Friday, Sept. 14: Add #DSPsMatter to your post about why DSPs matter so much to you.