Call for Presentations

Presenting with ARRM

ARRM seeks a strong partnership with its presenters for all events, and is willing to work with you to meet your requirements, the association’s, and most importantly, presentation attendees.

What you can expect

  • Prompt and clear communication to the best of ARRM staff’s ability
  • Strong technical support to ensure your focus can be 100% on delivering a great presentation
  • Opportunities to achieve your broader goals as a presenter

What ARRM expects

  • Prompt and clear communication to the best of the presenter’s ability
  • Presentations which meet or exceed the submitted proposal, including stated length and audience takeaways
  • Timely delivery of presentation materials and other collateral, and timely arrival to the presentation venue

ARRM is able to work with presenters on speakers fees and travel expenses, but as a non-profit association we ask presenters to work with us to find a reasonable meeting point. Presentations delivered as an in-kind contribution can also be compensated with comparable sponsorship opportunities.

Proposal selection

ARRM and its committees will select proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year, and at a minimum of two months ahead of the event for which they are selected, barring special circumstances. For ARRM’s four major events, final selections will be made at least three month in advance of the event.

As part of the submission process, presenters may indicate if they have a particular interest in presenting at one of the four major ARRM events. ARRM will consider this during selection, but may also request the presenter to consider a different venue if deemed more appropriate.

Presenters can expect an initial general confirmation a proposal was received, and a follow up communication no more than two months after the initial submission date notifying if the presentation is currently under consideration for an ARRM event.

Unless a proposal is rejected outright for not fitting the general criteria, ARRM will keep all proposals on file for possible selection in the future even if not selected during the current calendar year.