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ARRM is a nonprofit association of 150 providers, businesses and advocates dedicated to leading the advancement of community-based services that support people living with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. Since its beginnings in 1970, ARRM has and continues to demonstrate a commitment to support of Minnesotans living with disabilities and lead positive change.

ARRM believes:

  • People living with disabilities should enjoy the full rights of citizenship.
  • What is in the best interest of people living with disabilities is in the best interest of the providers who support them.
  • Minnesota needs a viable private provider sector to promote consumer choice, adequate funding, and appropriate regulations.

A majority of ARRM members are providers who offer services through the DD, BI, CADI and CAC waivers, and ICF/DD and SILS.

What does the acronym "ARRM" stand for?
Most recently, the ARRM acronym stood for “Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota.” Our members today provide more than simply residential supports to Minnesotans living with a broad range of disabilities -- so now we refer to our organization as ARRM. As the world has changed, so has ARRM.

Areas of expertise
ARRM would like to serve as a resource for reporters, journalists and other members of the media. ARRM staff and board members have both broad and deep expertise in the following areas:

  • Corporate foster care/home and community-based services;
  • Disability services and the recession;
  • Economic impact of Minnesota's corporate foster care providers;
  • State and federal disability services regulations;
  • State and federal policy affecting providers of home and community-based services;
  • Grassroots advocacy for disability providers.

We invite you contact us for expertise on these issues.

For more information:
Drew Henry,
Director of Member Communications
651-291-1086, ext. 4