Member to Member

At the 2012 Leadership Conference, ARRM members asked for a new format that would allow providers to share their expertise on specific topics with one another.  Member to Member is the result: postings by ARRM member "experts" in various domains highlighting industry and organizational knowledge, best practices, and stories of success.

These postings are published as a members-only benefit, and include the contact information of the contributing "expert" so that deeper conversations and questions may be addressed directly.   This format will allow members to learn and grow from the challenges and successes of their peers while also facilitating collaboration between organizations.

Submit an Idea for a Future Topic
While ARRM Committees will be primarily responsible for developing content for Member to Member postings, individuals may also suggest topics or volunteer to contribute content on a specific topic. We encourage ARRM members to submit ideas for specific topics by emailing Your ideas will help generate a broader range of interesting and relevant content. Remember that our providers have varying levels of expertise in various domains, so something that is commonplace for your agency may be new or unknown to others.

Please note the following guidelines for submission:

  • Content may be submitted as a Word document or in the body of an email
  • Length should be 400 words or less
  • Include the contributor's name, organization, and contact information
  • Include any links to external information that expands the content or provides other resources
  • Photos/documents may be included
  • ARRM reserves the right to determine which topics are selected and edit content as needed for space restrictions, relevance, and consistency.

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Member to Member Archive

Topic Title Month Posted
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April 2015
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at the Annual Conference
January 2015
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December 2014
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November 2014
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An Eye for the Future of Technology
July 2014
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December 2013
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Integrating Hospice with Other Licensed Services October 2013
How We Are Celebrating DSP Week September 2013

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