Thank You Advocates, Legislators and Governor Walz!

With the 2019 session now over, it is time to express our gratitude for our legislators and their efforts!

Our Wins

We went in this year with many priorities, and added some during the legislative session as harmful policies were put forward. In the end, the 649 page Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill contain many victories for home and community-based direct support professionals (DSP), their employers, and the more than 35,000 people with disabilities they support.

A new "Competitive Workforce Factor" added to the rate setting formula will invest over $100 million over the next four years in better DSP wages, and make automatic adjustments to these rates more frequent to avoid falling behind.

Additionally, harmful caps on the number of people who can access key Medicaid waivers, as well as forced closure of openings in group housing, were both prevented from passing, maintaining broader access to the supports and services which help Minnesotans with disabilities maintain independence and community inclusion.

Take Action; Say Thank You

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