How to Increase DSP Job Applications Online

How to Increase DSP Job Applications Online

WEBINAR: How to Increase DSP Job Applications Online

It's time to stop worrying that DSP applicants think, "the pay is similar to McDonald's, and you have to be responsible for someone's life."

You can find more people like your amazing DSPs that believe, "the pay is similar, and I get to change someone's life as a DSP."

After the webinar, you'll understand:
• What to do to dramatically improve your job postings on sites like Indeed
• The first step to motivating the right people to apply
• Easy changes you can make to your website job application to get more applicants


Date and Location

Friday, August 23
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Web and Audio details to be shared prior to the webinar. 


Member Cost: $30
Non-Member Cost: $100

(Cancellation Policy)


Scott de Fasselle and Craig de Fasselle; Blitz Media Design

In 2017, Resident Home Association of Greater Dayton found us in their search for marketing help. During our conversations, we learned about the challenges they had finding and retaining Direct Support Professionals. That conversation changed our business as much as it did theirs. Working with RHA was one of the most meaningful experiences in our careers-and we knew we wanted to do more to help. So we reached out to a wide variety of DD organizations to learn about how they were coping with similar challenges. And based on their issues, we remade our entire business. We're driven to do this work not simply because it's rewarding-but because we have a personal connection to the cause.

8/23/2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Web and Audio Virtual Participation

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