ARRM Leadership Institute: Workshop 3

ARRM Leadership Institute: Workshop 3

ARRM Leadership Institute Workshop 3

Start With Why for I/DD with Scott deFasselle
90 minutes at 10:00am
Find Your WHY
Everyone has a reason WHY they’re doing this work. Reconnecting with it helps you connect with people and keep going in tough times.

HOW Core Values Can Guide The Right Decisions
An organization’s core values often reside on a plaque hanging in the lobby and are mentioned during training. They’re nice words, but they aren’t driving people forward and guiding their everyday decisions at work. If you change how you approach core values, you can help staff make the right decisions when you aren’t there.

Say WHAT You Do In a Way that Inspires Curiosity
Being asked what you do is one of the most common questions asked when meeting someone new. So often people are unclear or unaware of the work you do. This exercise will give you a clear answer that will have people asking you more questions.
Friend to Boss: Strategies for Supervising Former Peers with Lisa Negstad
2.5 hours at 1:00pm
Effectively carrying out the supervisor role is more "art" than science. The supervisor role becomes even more complicated when we are friends or former peers with our employees. Ninety percent of supervisors have supervised someone who was their peer before they became a supervisor. This interactive workshop will provide participants with strategies for dealing with the challenges of managing former peers and will offer skill building to successfully develop effective working relationships. 


Date and Location

Tuesday, November 10th

Web/Audio Participation
10:00 - 11:30am
1:00 - 3:30pm


Member Investment: $160.00
Non-Member Investment: $225

Registration Deadline is Nov 9

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Scott deFasselle, Blitz Media
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Lisa Negstad, Negstad Consulting
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