2018 Minnesota House Candidate Questionnaire
Find out where your candidates stand on issues important to the disability community

Our state faces huge challenges as we advance reforms that open doors for Minnesotans with disabilities to live the most independent lives they choose.  First and foremost among those challenges is a statewide workforce crisis.  In total, the disability community includes over 99,000 caregivers and over 73,000 people with disabilities who receive Home and Community Based Services. Within that caregiver workforce, there are currently over 8,700 unfilled jobs in Minnesota.

It is more important now than ever that our elected officials, and those running to serve as our elected officials understand the issues that are important to the disability community and that we understand where they stand on these issues.

In late August ARRM distributed a questionnaire to each of the 270 candidates running for the 134 open seats in the Minnesota House. Below are the responses that have been received. For more information on your individual candidates you can visit the Minnesota Secretary of State's Candidate List.

House District 02A
Michael Northbird

House District 04B

Paul Marquart

House District 05A
John Persell

House District 07A
Jennifer Schultz

House District 08A
Bud Nornes

House District 10B
Dale Lueck

House District 14A
Tama Theis

House District 14B
Jim Knobach

House District 16B
Mindy Kimmel

House District 18A
Jason Vold
Dean Urdahl

House District 21A
Lori Ann Clark

House District 22B
Cheniqua Johnson

House District 23A
Bob Gunther

House District 24B
Yvette Marthaler

House District 25B
Duane Sauke

House District 31A
Brad Brown

House District 32A
Renae Berg

House District 39A
Bob Dettmer

House District 50A
Michael Howard

House District 53B
Kelly Fenton

House District 57B
Anna Wills

For more information:
Sara Grafstrom,
Director of State and Federal Policy
651-291-1086, ext. 8