Telling Your Story
Help others understand the value of your work

Telling your story is easy and effective, and has the potential to engage elected officials and the public on a deeper level. To be truly effective, your story should leave a lasting impression with those who have heard it.

In this section, we've given you a few tools to get started and feel more confident telling elected officials why your work has value in your community.

All in a Day's Work: A Series of Minnesota Caregiver Stories

ARRM recently highlighted the difficult, rewarding - and often very complex - work that direct support professionals (DSPs) do every day for little pay through a series of stories.  Each Tuesday July 2013 through February 2014, a new caretaker story was shared on Twitter @ARRM, on our What's New(s) Blog, and emailed to legislators. This series was part of The 5% Campaign, a nonpartisan coalition group encouraging legislators to adopt a 5% rate increase in 2014. 

Do you have a Story to Share? We would love to share your story! It may be anywhere from 4-5 sentences to a page long, and can be written by a DSP or other staff member, a person served, a family member, a volunteer, a case worker or anyone else. If you are submitting the story on behalf of someone, please be sure ARRM has permission to share the story. If you send us bullet points we are happy to modify them into a story. Content may be edited by ARRM staff for consistency, spelling, and grammar. Please feel free to send more than one story! Download our Share A Story Form (Word Document)

Grassroots Messages
ARRM has created messages for CEO's, professional caregivers, family members, and self-advocates. View the messages and storytelling tools for each group.

One-Pager for Staff
ARRM's tool for staff is a pdf document you can print and complete, and give to your legislator(s).

One-Pager for Self-Advocates
ARRM's tool for self-advocates is a pdf document you can print and complete, and give to your legislator(s).

One-Pagers for Families
ARRM's tool for families is a pdf document you can print and complete and give to your legislator(s).

2019 template to advocate for better wages for DSPs.

For more information:
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Director of State and Federal Policy
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