Public Policy

Advocating for stronger disability services

ARRM works to ensure Minnesota's public policy and regulatory environment promotes the independence, health and safety of people with disabilities and strengthens our members' ability to support them. We achieve this by identifying policies that will create positive changes to our disability services system and help achieve the goals and ideals laid out in guiding principles such as the Minnesota Olmstead Plan, working with legislators and supporting coalitions to pass these policies at the state and federal level. Several ARRM member-committees shape the organization's policy platform and revisit it on an annual basis.

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2020 Priorities

Competitive Wages and Workforce Incentives (SF 3353/ HF 3551)

ARRM supports the Best Life Alliance's mission of advocating for Home and Community-Based Services that are available, stable and sustainable for people with disabilities to live work and thrive in their communities.

The Best Life Alliance 2020 legislation will build upon 2019 investments in the workforce with additional options for the legislature to implement; focused on increasing the wages and benefits for Direct Support Professionals supporting Minnesotans with disabilities to live their best lives.

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Service Sustainability (SF 3118/ HF 3207)

We must continue to promote and sustain services that support people with disabilities to live in the most independent setting appropriate. Changes made in 2019 within the DWRS Framework will have a negative and potentially devastating impact on two of these key services; Respite and Individualized Home Supports.

ARRM is bring forward solutions that will provide resources for organizations to continue offering a robust service menu to meet the needs of the individuals they support, both in their communities and their own homes.

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Leveraging Workforce Resources (SF 3117/ HF 3206)

Our 2020 policy bill makes sensible reforms and introduces creative ideas to assist providers in navigating during the workforce shortage. 

This bill gives providers the opportunity to use their staff more efficiently through the streamlining of regulations and the opening of additional service options.

The bill will:

  • Extend the sunset date for providers to apply for a license to serve 5 individuals
  • Allow a Designated Coordinator to deem someone competent to train a staff in providing supports specific to an individual
  • Provide reasonable timelines for service planning meetings
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Support the Spectrum of Services (SF 3116/ HF 3130)

Intermediate Care Facilities/ Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD) services play a critical role in the spectrum of services available to individuals with disabilities.

With the implementation of DWRS to set and manage rates for waiver services, ICF/DD service rates have been unaddressed for many years.

Our legislation makes i possible for providers to request rate changes when an individual's needs change, reimburses residential providers delivering services during the day at equivalent rates to a day service provider, provides for an across the board rate increase and allows for ICFs to keep pace with waiver services.

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