ARRM Membership Policies 

The following Membership Policies are taken from the ARRM Board and Finance Manuals.


Membership Options

Organizational Membership is open to all corporations offering community based services to people with disabilities in Minnesota who affirm the Mission and Statement of Commitment of the Association, the Statement of Ethics, and the United Nations Bill of Rights for the Disabled and who pay dues in accordance with the policies of the Association. Organizational Membership is contingent upon acceptance by the Board of Directors annually. 

Each Organizational Member in good standing shall be entitled to one (1) vote to be cast by an approved voting representative of the governing body at any membership meeting of the Association.  Dues payments must be current for Organizational Members to be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting, unless otherwise approved by the Executive Committee.

Organizational Membership Dues

Dues are calculated in accordance with the following formula: Dues are based on expenses or revenues for the preceding January to December period. Minimum dues are $200 annually which covers up to the first $100,000 of expenses by an Organization.  Expenses over $100,000 are multiplied by .0012. The resulting amount, plus $200 are the dues for the year.  This calculation applies to the following:  Waiver, ICF/DD, SILS, In-home, CADI, CDCS, Employer of Record, Support Coordination, CAC, BI and PCA.  To calculate dues for Fiscal Intermediary, use FI fee revenue multiplied by .0012.

  • Dues Definition: The dollar amount used in the calculation of organizational dues will be the lesser of operating revenues or operating expenses for an organization as a whole.  Operating expenses are defined as expenses incurred in the previous calendar year to provide residential based services for people with disabilities within the state of Minnesota.
  • Expenses not included: Unrelated businesses, elderly, HUD, recreational services, vocational or day programming (Rule 38), home health, psychological services, housing projects, endowments, contributions, or other services not related to disabilities.

Associate Membership is open to two categories of individuals or organizations, as described in the Bylaws, who affirm the Mission and Statement of Commitment of the Association, the Statement of Ethics, and the United Nations Bill of Rights for the Disabled and who pay dues in accordance with the policies of the Association. 

  • Professional: vendors of services and products which support service providers. Trade associations, advocacy organizations, county and state social service entities, and habilitation and rehabilitation agencies.
  • Supporting: families, relatives, friends, and community members who support people who receive community-based services.

Associate Members: may be elected to the Board of Directors, may serve on standing committees and task forces, but shall not have the right to vote at Annual Meeting or Special Meetings of the Membership.

Download an Associate Membership Application (pdf)

Associate Membership Dues
  • Associate: $500-yr
  • Supporting: $100-yr

Membership Terms
Membership terms shall be from July 1 to June 30. Dues and methods of payment for members of the Association shall be established by the Board. Membership shall be granted annually to a governing body by action of the Board.

Payment Options
Organizational Members may pay dues annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. 
Associate Members are invoiced for their dues when ARRM receives their Membership Application. 

Organizational and Associate Members may request consideration from the Executive Committee for an adjustment in their dues or in the payment schedule of dues by written request.  Justification for the adjustment based on significant change in financial circumstances must be presented.

In the first year of Membership, an Organizational or Associate Member shall have dues prorated to the month of initial application.  Entities must not have received Membership benefits for a two-year period to be considered in the first year of Membership.

Organizational and Associate Membership may be terminated in accordance with the Bylaws for failure to adhere to the principles of the Association.