ARRM Committee Chairs & Staff

As a volunteer association, ARRM relies on its members for guidance and expertise that moves positive changes in the industry forward.  The expertise and hard work of committee volunteers is critical to our success. We are grateful for their ongoing support.

Annual Conference Committee            
Laurie Tazelaar-Williams – Chair            
Alan Berner – Vice Chair
Staff:  Ashley Wear
Executive Committee
John Estrem – President
Shannon Bock – Vice President
Staff:  Sue Schettle

Finance Committee
Ric Nelson – Treasurer 
Chris DeVos – Vice Chair
Michelle Hooey - Vice Chair
Staff:  Sue Schettle

Financial Resources Committee
Chris DeVos – Chair
Curt Bossert – Vice Chair
Don Priebe – Vice Chair
Staff:  Barb Turner

Public Affairs Committee
Heidi Holste – Chair
Steve Liston – Vice Chair
Jennifer O'Neill - Vice Chair
Staff: Sara Grafstrom

Public Relations Committee
Rod Carlson – Chair
Cindy Ostrowski – Vice Chair
Rhonda Peterson - Vice Chair
Staff:  Drew Henry

Service Innovations Committee
Jon Nelson – Chair
Doug Annett – Vice Chair
Karin Stockwell – Vice Chair
Staff:  Barb Turner

Workforce Solutions Committee
Ric Nelson – Chair
Melissa Danielsen – Vice Chair
Joe Peterson – Vice Chair
Staff: Sara Grafstrom

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