ARRM Committees & Groups

ARRM relies on the volunteered time of its members to guide its work and make positive changes in the industry.

At the heart of every successful ARRM endeavor you'll find the expertise and hard work of ARRM committee volunteers. Whether it's the Annual Conference, educational workshops, legislative successes, rule reform, strengthening public relations, providing technical assistance for our members or setting new ARRM benefits, the work and brain power of committee members is behind it.

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List of Committees, Meeting Days & Times

Education Committee
Plans, organizes, and implements ARRM’s exciting Annual Conference and other educational opportunities offered by ARRM. Ensures that ARRM provides a mix of trainings to support the needs of members, their staff, and the industry as a whole.
Work includes: Selecting presenters, soliciting exhibitors, planning events, and selecting winning nominations for the ARRM Cares Awards.
Meets: As needed. Includes a required planning retreat in August/September of each year.
Staffed by: Ashley Wear | Email:
Chair: Krystal Glad, Range Center
Vice Chair: Cindy Ostrowski, Hiawatha Homes

Best Life Alliance Grassroots Coalition
ARRM is an active member in the Best Life Alliance and works in close collaboration with industry providers and advocates on grassroots initiatives. The coalition actively promotes and advocates for the Best Life Alliance legislation, which is focused on strengthening the Home and Community-Based Services workforce. Members include seasoned grassroots advocates and people new to the legislative process. 
Work includes: Hosting legislative site visits
Meets: Third Friday from 10:00-10:30 a.m. by phone
Staffed by: Sara Grafstrom

Finance Committee
Works with the Board Treasurer and ARRM staff in overseeing the budget, finances, investments and financial policies to maintain fiscal integrity.  
Meets: Periodically throughout the year Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.
Staffed by: Rachel Dyer | Email: 
Chair: Chris DeVos (Board Treasurer)
Vice Chair: Eric Pederson, STAR Services

Financial Resources Committee 
Analyzes the impact of provider payments and rate setting systems and develops ARRM positions, legislation and proposals for immediate action.  It also provides member training through the Business and Finance Forums and other venues as needed, and continually updates and advises members as issues develop on the state and county levels.
Work Includes: Defining shared staffing, facilitating the exceptions process, assuring money stays in the system.
Meets: First Thursday from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 
Staffed by: Ken Bence | Email:
Chair: Curt Bossert, Habilitative Services, Inc./REM Minnesota
Vice Chair: Don Priebe, Homeward Bound, Inc.

Alternative Payment Model Work Group
A joint working group of the Financial Resources and Service Innovations committees. Explores examples of value-based and risk-based payment models in other states, and engages with the Department of Human Services to influence decisions about HCBS payment models in Minnesota.
Meets: First Wednesday of every month from 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Staffed by: Ken Bence | Email:
Co-Chairs: Marge Schwab, Lifetime Resources, Inc. (Financial Resources Committee) and Stacy Roe, Mains'l Services (Service Innovations Committee)
Vice Chair: Jeri Schoonover, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

ICF Task Force
Discusses and monitors challenges facing the ICF/IDD provider community and develops strategies, including legislation, to address them. Focuses on strengthening relationships with the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health, as well as creating a space for ICF/IDD providers to network.
Work Includes: Monitoring legislation addressing variable rates and services during the day.
Meets: First Tuesday of every other month from 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Staffed by: Sue Schettle | Email:
Chair: Don Priebe, Homeward Bound, Inc.
Vice Chair: Beth Tollefson, Living Well Disability Services

Public Affairs Committee
Develops and implements grassroots and direct advocacy strategies to secure adoption of ARRM’s legislative initiatives and to respond to non-ARRM proposals in the best interests of members and people with disabilities. Conducts advocacy training for members.
Work includes:  ARRM's legislative agenda, advocacy for the Best Life Alliance, DWRS strategies.
Staffed by: Sara Grafstrom | Email:
Chair: John Estrem, Hammer Residences

Public Relations Committee
Conveys the value of disability services to the public and decision-makers by developing creative messages and marketing strategies. Bolsters the ARRM brand and enhances the value of ARRM membership through communications and initiatives that benefit members and prospective members. 
Work includes: Promoting the DSP workforce through media relations and other communications strategies.
Meets: As needed 
Staffed by: Kevin Zabel | Email:
Chair: John Estrem, Hammer Residences
Vice Chair: Joe Cuoco, Supportive Living Solutions

Service Innovations Committee
Envisions and advances the elements of an ideal community of providing services to Minnesotans with disabilities by fostering innovation, invention, meaningful choice and provider stability.  Utilizes member expertise by coordinating reform-related initiatives among other ARRM committees.  Tracks regulatory developments and designs ARRM positions to replace archaic regulations with standards based on individual quality outcomes.  Updates membership on complying with current regulations.
Work includes: Developing a plan for the state to better utilize and integrate technology in providing supports to people in all appropriate aspects of daily living.
Meets: Second Thursday from 10:00-12:00 a.m.
Staffed by: Sara Grafstrom | Email:
Chair: Jon Nelson, Residential Services, Inc.
Vice Chairs: Karin Stockwell, Dungarvin Minnesota

Technology Work Group
Advances the use of technology to support people with disabilities for the greater promotion of independence and as part of the solution to workforce shortages.
Work includes: Reviewing and developing policy related to the use of assistive technology, oversight of ARRM's promotional initiative (The Technology Resource Center), and making recommendations to the Service Innovations Committee about ARRM's focus related to technology.
Meets: First Friday from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Staffed by: Kevin Zabel | Email:
Chair: Alan Berner, Syngistix, Inc.
Vice Chair: Anna Heglund, Dungarvin MN

UBS Work Group
Works to connect ARRM providers of unit based services with the Department of Human Services to assist with their unique technical assistance needs. Works to create resources for ARRM members and influence ARRM's legislative agenda to build the future of unit based services in Minnesota.
Meets: Second Thursday from 12:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Staffed by: Sara Grafstrom | Email:
Co-Chairs: Jennifer O'Neill, Howry Residential Services and Rhonda Peterson, Integrity Living Options, Inc.
Vice Chair: Joe Peterson, Opportunity Partners

Workforce Solutions Committee - ON HIATUS
Expands the array of tools and mechanisms utilized by providers to ensure robust, timely, and essential services for people with disabilities as our traditional workforce model becomes obsolete. It explores options to increase the professionalism of our core workforce, grows the use of alternative services including technology, and recommends legislative initiatives to adapt to the changing needs of people with disabilities in Minnesota.
Work includes: Developing educational materials on the use of technology, and ways to promote the professional responsibilities of a DSP.

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