Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

ARRM leads the advancement of community-based services that support people with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives.

ARRM's Role

ARRM provides leadership to ensure that sufficient resources, market-driven policies and consumer protections are developed to realize the fulfillment of ARRM's vision and mission.

  • ARRM brings its members together around issues of broad concern.
  • ARRM gathers and communicates pertinent information to its members.
  • ARRM offers education and training to its members, and others who work in the field.
  • ARRM links its members to sources of technical assistance.


We see a future where:

  • Our members work to see that people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to their communities so they can enjoy all the rights of full citizenship.
  • Our success enriches our communities. When our members are successful, people served are successful and the entire community is enriched.
  • Our members and their staff are fairly compensated for the services they provide to people with disabilities.
  • Our industry employs highly skilled professionals who make a difference.
  • Regulations and standards are focused on quality outcomes for individuals in addition to their health and welfare.
  • A free and competitive marketplace drives high quality services.

Core Values

We believe that what is in the best interest of people with disabilities is in the best interest of the providers who support them.

We believe in the ability of people to:

  • Direct the planning and provision of their own services.
  • Pursue meaningful lives deeply imbedded in our communities, rich in relationships and individually crafted according to each individual's definition of success.
  • Appropriately balance risk-taking with safety and security.

We believe in the provision of services by providers:

  • In the private sector.
  • In a marketplace open to the entrance of new providers.
  • Who work collaboratively within the industry.
  • Who are encouraged to be innovative.

Disability advocate, ARRM Day at the Capitol