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The 5% Campaign

The 5% Campaign

ARRM is an active member of The 5% Campaign, a nonpartisan coalition of Minnesotans working to ask state legislators for a 5% rate increase for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) in 2014. The Campaign maintains that life in the community is the first and best option for people with disabilities and older Minnesotans, as well as their families, workers and our state as a whole.Legislation is currently being developed on this critical issue for the 2014 Legislative Session that begins on February 25, 2013.

Including repeated cuts, 2013 marked the fifth year in a row that services for people with disabilities and older adults did not received rate increases to keep up with rising costs. People with disabilities, older adults, caregivers, providers, family members, and advocates throughout Minnesota are a part of this major statewide campaign.

The lives that many people with disabilities and older adults build for themselves depend on state funding. These critical supports allow people to be more independent by providing staffing and transportation so that people can be active employees and volunteers in their communities, fostering skill development, ensuring health and safety, and more.

View our 5% bills online: HF2408 and SF1993.

Show your support by signing The 5% Campaign Petition

Individuals including family members, self-advocates, staff, and the general public can now publicly support The 5% Campaign by signing on to The 5% Campaign's online petition. Please sign-on and share it with members of your organization, your friends and family members, and your broader networks through social media.

5 Reasons to Support The 5% Campaign

  1. Minnesotans believe people with disabilities and older adults should live in and contribute to their communities. Community-based services provide greater opportunity to build strong connections with neighbors and the community. A 5% rate increase supports this belief.
  2. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Caregivers support your family; shouldn't they be able to support their own?
  3. A 5% increase will help to retain consistent staff; this is crucial to quality care. Low wages lead to higher staff turnover, creating more stress, less stability and lower quality care.
  4. DSPs and caregivers who support people with disabilities and older Minnesotans have demanding, highly-skilled jobs. A 5% increase shows we value these employees and their commitment to this field.
  5. Community-based services are some of the largest employers in rural Minnesota. A 5% rate increase will support necessary salary increases for dedicated staff that will put dollars to work in their local communities.

Download Resources About The 5% Campaign

Facts & What's in the Bill ( PDF)

5% Campaign Infographic - View and share this one-page flyer about the need for an increase and who it will benefit. DSPs, caregivers, self-advocates, family members, and other advocates can use it in meeting with their legislators this session. (Printing note: this is a legal sized PDF document - 8.5" x 14". For the best result, first save it to your computer, then be sure to select legal size paper from your printing options menu.)

Why a Full 5% Increase is Needed

Why 5% Matters - a flyer with pictures and quotes highlighting the stories of a direct care staff, people who receive services, and providers throughout the state.

Telling Your Story Template - This Word document is a resource for self-advocates and family members that helps them tell their story to legislators. Fill it out and drop it off at the Capitol or send it to your legislators via mail or email. Download the PDF version

5% Caucus Resolution- Download our resolution and bring it to your local caucus. Learn more about precinct caucuses by visiting the Office of the MN Secretary of State.

Guide to Site Visits with Legislators

Upcoming Events & Initiatives

What   Date   How
Legislator Town Hall Forums   Session Break: April 11- April 21   Thank legislators, tell your story, and ask questions.  View our calendar of upcoming town hall forums.
MN-CCD's Tuesdays at the Capitol, St. Paul   February 25 -May 19   Meet MN-CCD at 10am in the Transportation Dept for a briefing, then meet with your legislators
Postcards to Governor Dayton   Ongoing  

Send a pre-printed 5% postcard, or use our template to print your own (and mail in an envelope).

Letters to the Editor of Local Newspapers   Ongoing  

Reach out to your local paper using this simple toolkit. Find your local media by zipcode.

5% Thank you card to legislative supporters   Ongoing   Send this postcard to supporting legislators with a personal note

News & Media Coverage about The 5% Campaign

8.10.2013 Access Press: Poverty pay for professional work? Commitment to community: Advocates launch 5% Campaign
8.13.2013 News Release: 5% Campaign News Conference in Duluth
8.13.2013 WDIO Duluth (video): The 5% Campaign
8.13.2013 MPR: Advocates want 5 percent raise for care assistants
8.14.2013 Duluth News Tribune: Advocates want more money for adult care, disability services
8.14.2013 Bring Me The News: 5% Campaign seeks pay boost for care providers
9.10.2013 Message from a DSP: Help Me Support My Family (video)
9.13.2013 Access Press:Campaign to increase wages rolled out
10.12.2013 Austin Daily Herald: 5% Campaign is aiming to support caregivers
10.16.2013 Politics in MN: Group homes to push for 5% hike next year
10.18.2013 CTN News (video): Mary T. Inc. Hosts Town Hall Forum on 'Breaking Through Poverty'
10.24.2013 Faribault Daily News: Members of The 5% Campaign to host forum to empower
10.28.13 ABC Rochester (video and article): 5% Campaign to Increase Wages for Caregivers
10.30.13 Post Bulletin: People with disabilites urge lawmakers to boost providers' funding
11.7.13 The 5% Campaign: A Moment with Senator Hoffman (video)
11.8.13 Access Press: Campaign for wage increase gaining momentum statewide
11.12.13 Associated Press: MN Caregivers For Disabled, Elderly Seek Boost
11.12.13 Politics in MN: Disability groups rally for 5 percent funding increase in 2014
11.12.13 MPR: Minn. caregivers for disabled, elderly seek boost
11.12.13 Northwest Community Television: Caregivers rally for 5 percent rate hike (video)
11.12.13 MN Senate Media: 5% Rally at the Capitol (video that includes an in-depth interview with Sen. Kent Eken)
11.13.13 ARRM Blog: 5% Advocates Make an Impact at the Capitol
11.13.13 MN 2020: More than just a Caregiver (video)
11.27.13 The 5% Campaign: Five Percent Forums 2013 (video)
12.5.13 MPR: Dayton talks tax relief as new forecast projects $1 billion state surplus
12.5.13 Pioneer Press: Minnesota forecasts $1.1 billion budget surplus
12.7.13 Marshall Independent: State budget surplus a good sign for 5% Campaign
12.10.13 Access Press: Campaign to raise generates noise at Capitol
12.15.13 Voice of Alexandria: Programs Seek Legislative Help to Increase Funding (article and video)
12.19.13 Echo Press: A 5 percent bump would mean a lot for local DACs
1.6.14 St. Louis Park Patch: Legislators show their support for The 5% Campaign
1.10.14 TPT Disability Viewpoints (video report; begins at 4 min 30 sec)
1.24.14 TPT Almanac Report on Longterm Care, featuring a group home serving people with disabilities (video report)
1.31.14 Grand Rapids Herald Review: Support for the 5 % Campaign should be a priority (op. ed. from LSS-MN CEO Jodi Harpstead)
2.10.14 Access Press: The 'unsession' - Legislature asked to address many complex issues
2.23.14 Winona Daily News: 5 percent more than just a number: Winona community caregivers look to Capitol for raise
2.28.14 Pioneer Press: Minnesota's $1.23 billion budget surplus could lead to tax cuts
3.4.14 Senate Media: Five Percent Rally at the Capitol
3.4.14 Kare11 News: Caregivers for people with disabilities seek pay boost (video report)
3.5.14 Post Bulletin: Disability advocates seek funding increase
3.7.14 Capitol Report (Sen. Media): Rallying for PCA Rate Increases, Forming Tax Bill
3.11.14 Post Bulletin: State must restore funding for disability services
3.16.14 KSTP Channel 5: Disabled May Lose Independence Without More State Aid
3.18.14 Kare11 News: Disabilities advocates seek pay raise for caregivers
3.18.14 MPR News: Caretakers of vulnerable adults need raise, advocates say
3.19.14 MN 2020: The 5% Campaign Makes Headway
3.21.14 MN 2020: Unfinished Business for Disability Advocates (video)
3.25.14 MN Senate DFL: Why 4% Won't Cut It (video)
3.26.14 Star Tribune: Support Minnesota caregivers with adequate pay
3.26.14 TPT Almanac at the Capitol: An in-depth look at who cares for Minnesotas most vulnerable adults
3.31.14 Star Tribune: Caregivers seeking state rate bump get lawmaker support as Minnesota surplus plans firm up
3.31.14 MPR: Proposals for budget surplus would boost health care, education spending
4.1.14 MinnPost: Dayton, lawmakers agree to boost pay for care workers
4.3.14 Pioneer Press: Minnesota House taps state surplus for another $322 million in spending
4.9.14 Janesville Argus: Janesville senator strongly supports 5% campaign initiative
4.10.14 Access Press: Caregivers could see wage hike approved

Ways to Get Involved

  • Add your organization's public support by filling out The 5% Campaign Sign On Form and emailing it to Sara Grafstrom at ARRM.
  • Publish an article about the campaign in your organization's newsletter, in an email blast, and on your website.
  • Contact your legislators to share your story, and talk to them about why a 5% rate increase in 2014 is important to you.
    • set up visits in the community or at a service site
    • call, send an email, or write a letter
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Download this toolkit and use the ARRM Legislative Action Center to easily find your local media contacts by entering your zipcode.
  • Follow ARRM’s All in a Day’s Work: Caregiver Stories now through February.
  • Join the conversation on social media where updates and additional ways to get involved will be posted. Share the campaign's posts to spread the word!

Confirmed Legislative Authors

Representatives Senators

Jim Abeler (35A)
Susan Allen (62B)
Tom Anzelc (05B)
Bob Barrett (32B)
Michael Beard (55A)
Mike Benson (26B)
David Bly (20B)
Sarah Anderson (44A)
Lyndon Carlson (45A)
Tony Cornish (23B)
Greg Davids (28B)
Jim Davnie (63A)
Matt Dean (38B)
Bob Dettmer (39A)
David Dill (03A)
Zachary Dorholt (14B)
Steve Drazkowski (21B)
Andrew Falk (17A)
Peter Fischer (43A)
Mary Franson (8B)
Mike Freiberg (45B)
Patti Fritz (24B)
Pat Garofalo (58B)
Glenn Gruenhagen (18B)
Bob Gunther (23A)
Rod Hamilton (22B)
Laurie Halverson (51B)
Alice Hausman (66A)
Debra Hilstrom (40B)
Thomas Huntley (07A)
Jason Isaacson (42B)
Brian Johnson (32A)
Clark Johnson (19A)
Sheldon Johnson (67B)
Tim Kelly (21A)
Deb Kiel (01B)
Ron Kresha (09B)
Carolyn Laine (41B)
Kathy Lohmer (39B)
Tina Liebling (26A)
Ben Lien (04A)
Leon Lillie (43B)
Tara Mack (57A)
Carlos Mariani (65B)
Paul Marquart (04B)
Joe McDonald (29A)
Jay McNamar (12A)
Denny McNamara (54B)
Sandra Masin (51A)
Carly Melin (06A)
Jason Metsa (06B)
Mary Murphy (03B)
Mike Nelson (40A)
Jerry Newton (37A)
Bud Nornes (8A)
Kim Norton (25B)
Tim O'Driscoll (13B)
Michel Paymar (64B)
John Petersburg (24A)
Jeanne Poppe (27B)
Joe Radinovich (10B)
Paul Rosenthal (49B)
Shannon Savick (27A)
Mary Sawatzky (17B)
Dan Schoen (54A)
Peggy Scott (35B)
Yvonne Selcer (48A)
Joe Schomacker (22A)
Steve Simon (46B)
Erik Simonson (07B)
Linda Slocum (50A)
Mike Sundin (11A)
Chris Swedzinski (16A)
Paul Torkelson (16B)
Mark Uglem (36A)
Dean Urdahl (18A)
Jean Wagenius (63B)
JoAnn Ward (53A)
John Ward (10A)
Anna Wills (57B)
Ryan Winkler (46A)
Kelby Woodard (20A)
Barb Yarusso (42A)
Nick Zerwas (30A)

Michelle Benson (31)
Dave Brown (15)
Jim Carlson (51)
Roger Chamberlain (38)
Greg Clausen (57)
Richard Cohen (64)
Kevin Dahle (20)
Gary Dahms (16)
Scott Dibble (61)
Chris Eaton (40)
Kent Eken (04)
Melissa Franzen (49)
Paul Gazelka (09)
Dan Hall (56)
David Hann (48)
Foung Hawj (67)
Jeff Hayden (62)
John Hoffman (36)
Karin Houseley (39)
Bill Ingebrigtsen (08)
Vicki Jensen (24)
Alice Johnson (37)
Lyle Koenen (17)
Mary Kiffmeyer (30)
John Marty (66)
James Metzen (52)
Jeremy Miller (28)
Carla Nelson (26)
David Osmek (33)
Sandra Pappas (65)
Julie Rosen (23)
Carrie Ruud (10)
Tom Saxhaug (05)
Matt Schmit (21)
Kathy Sheran (19)
Dan Sparks (27)
David Senjem (25)
Dave Thomson (58)
David Tomassoni (06)
Bill Weber (22)
Torrey Westrom (12)
Charles Wiger (43)

Legislators supportive of The 5% Campaign

Representatives Senators
Kurt Daudt (31A)
Raymond Dehn (59B)
Erin Murphy (64A)


Tom Bakk (03)
Terri Bonoff (44)
Kari Dziedzic (60)
Barb Goodwin (41)
Tony Lourey (11)
Ann Rest (45)




Questions regarding The 5% Campaign may be directed to:

Bruce Nelson, CEO at ARRM
(651) 291 x1 or email Bruce

Steve Larson, Senior Policy Director at The Arc Minnesota (651 ) 334 - 7970 or email Steve


Public Supporters of
The 5% Campaign:

AARP Minnesota
AccessAbility, Inc.
Accra Care, Inc.
Achieve Services
Adult Client Training Services, Inc.
AFSCME Council 5
Aging Services of MN
AHL Healthcare Group, Inc.
Alexandria Opportunities Center
Allina Health
Ally People Solutions
Alternatives for People with Autism, Inc.
The Arc Greater Twin Cities
The Arc Minnesota
AXIS Healthcare
AXIS Minnesota, Inc.
Bethesda Lutheran Communities
Capstone Services, LLC
Cardinal of Minnesota
Care Providers of MN
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud
Cedar Branch Services
Cedar Valley Services
Chippewa Enterpises Inc
CHOICE, unlimited
Clare Housing
Client Community Services, Inc.
Community Connections Partnersip
Community Involvement Programs
Community Options & Resources
Consumer Directions, Inc.
Cottonwood County DAC
Creative Care for Reaching Independence
CRW Management
Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association, Minnesota Chapter
Duluth Regional Care Center
Employment Enterprises, Inc.
Epic Enterprise
Fairchild's Foster Care
Fraser Minnesota
Great River Homes
Habilitative Services Inc.
Hammer Residences, Inc.
Hiawatha Homes
Harry Meyering Center, Inc.
Home and Community Options
Homeward Bound, Inc.
Independent Lifestyles, Inc.
ICAN, Inc.
Integrity Living Options
Jackson County DAC
Kaposia, Inc.
Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas
Karcher Foster Services, Inc.
Lake County DAC, Inc.
Legacy Endeavors
Living Well Disability Services
LRN Management
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Mains'l Services, Inc.
Main Street Industries, Inc.
Mankato Rehabilitation Center Incorporated (MRCI)
Mary T. Inc.
MBW Company
Mental Health Providers Association of Minnesota
Metro Center for Independent Living
Merrick, Inc.
Metro Meals on Wheels
Metro Work Center, Inc.
Midwest Special Services, Inc.
Mille Lacs Co. Area DAC
Minnesota Adult Day Services Association
Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance
Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
The Minnesota Day Activity Center Association (MnDACA)
Minnesota HomeCare Association
Minnesota Social Service Association
Mount Olivet Rolling Acres
Murray County DAC, Inc.
NHS-Northstar Specialized Services
Northeast Contemporary Services, Inc.
Oakridge Homes, Inc.
Occupational Development Center, Inc.
Opal Services, Inc.
Opportunity Partners
Options, Inc.
Orion Corporation of Minnesota
Partnerships for Minnesota Futures, Inc.
Partnership Resources, Inc.
Phoenix Alternatives, Inc.
The Phoenix Residence, Inc.
Pine Ridge Homes
Polk County DAC
Productive Alternatives, Inc.
Preferred Residential Lifestyles - HCL
Reach for Resources, Inc.
REM Minnesota
Residential Services, Inc.
Residential Advantages, Inc.
Rock County Opportunities
Rule 36 Ltd. Partnerships of Duluth
St. David's Center
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Skogen Enterprises
Southern Minnesota Independent Living Enterprises & Services (SMILES)
South Metro Human Services
STEP, Inc.
Stevens County Developmental Achievement Center
Swift County Developmental Achievement Center
TBI Residential and Community Services
Todd County DAC
TSE, Inc.
Trillium Services, Inc.
Udac, Inc.
Volunteers of America-MN
West Central Industries, Inc.
Winona ORC
Wingspan Life Resources


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